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subcutaneous injection

For best results we recommend subcutaneous injections of NAD+. Watch this video before administering NAD+ for the first time. Instruction Video

sublingual absorption

Alternatively you may opt to use NADH capsules if you are uncomfortable using syringes. The capsules work best if absorbed sublingually instead of digested. Simply place the tablet under your tongue and let it melt. 

The following methods are NOT suitable for the products we offer:

intravenous infusion

Clinics offer intravenous infusion (IV) of NAD+. This method is not suitable because it can't be performed at home as it requires a nurse or a doctor.


The mechanical (physical breakdown) and chemical (enzymatic breakdown) processes, transforming food or dietary supplements into absorbable nutrients for the body. This method is not suitable for NAD+ since it is not a a precursor supplement. Unlike for NR and NMN, digestion is not required for NAD+ as its absorption is inefficient.

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